In recruiting security personnel and corporate drivers for our client, the following criteria are strictly considered:

  1. Physical (bodily) appearance of applicant
  2. Height Measurement (minimum requirement is 5ft 10ins)
  3. Oral interview and verification of credentials (minimum of WASC/GCE O Level)
  4. Writing test to ascertain ability to read and write constructively.
  5. Psychological and Intelligent assessment to ensure high level of integrity and responsibility.
  6. We conduct background check by investigation and verification to ensure that applicant resides at the address he provided, and also to ensure that applicant is not of dubious character. As for the reference or guarantors provided, we ensure credibility of the person and that he is capable of providing the applicant as at when needed in the course of employment. We also ensure that the applicants are legally and properly disengaged from his previous employer.
  7. We maintain constant monitoring/supervision of our guard at their duty post to enhance effective performance so as to maintain our credibility and efficiency.
  8. We ensure that clients are given value for their money. Our combat uniform1